Friday, 22 November 2013

Day 108 - People in Sapa

In Sapa I am always quite inspired to take photos, be it of the great landscape, the many different people in the villages or market, the villages or just the fog.

For my post today, I was deciding between some landscape photos, people photos or a mix. In the end I feel like I shown enough landscape photos the last time round and focused on people only for this post.

I started off in the morning by walking around Sapa and the market before heading to Lao Chai for a hike and to take some more pictures on the way and of the village.

The walk was very nice and I enjoyed being on my own for a while while hiking but back in the middle of people around the villages.

Although I planned to go hiking up Fansipan mountain, the fog in the morning meant I did not set out on time and would need a guide to go up there. Might do this in the next days or keep for my next visit here.

Depending on the weather, I will decide what to do and how much longer to stay in Sapa but it will probably be another day or two.

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  1. Great shots again. Nice that you let us travel with you. Thanks for showing Cristian.