Thursday, 7 November 2013

Day 93 - People and Temples

After feeling like I have seen most of Vientiane yesterday, I took it easy in the morning and was looking at my onward travels in Laos.
The first stop after leaving the hostel was the Vietnam Embassy to apply for another visa to do another round through Vietnam.

The only sight I missed out on yesterday was the That Luang temple and stupa. This is a bit further out but not too far from the embassy and quite close to the Victory Gate.

The light was very good for photography, thanks to some clouds in the sky diffusing the light a bit and providing a nice contrast in the background.

After seeing the stupa and temples around it, I climbed up the Victory gate to enjoy the view over the city.

The evening was spent hanging out at the hostel, chatting with people and having drinks while still trying to make up my mind of where to head next and how to get there.

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