Saturday, 9 November 2013

Day 95 - Vang Vieng

After the last days in Vientiane it was time to move on and my next destination is Luang Prabang but I did not fancy a 10 hour bus trip so decided to stop on the way at Vang Vieng.

At first I did not really want to stay here after reading reports of people just coming here to drink and party. Not that I mind partying but the thought of a town full of drunk backpackers did not really seem all that appealing to me.

But after arriving here, all I found was a sleepy little town surrounded by mountains and rice fields, making for a great landscape.

Sure, in the evening there are the occasional drunks pouring out of a few bars after watching episodes of Friends on the TV.but this is nothing like some reports I read.
Although I wanted to leave tomorrow, I will stay another day to explore it a bit further.

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