Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Day 57 - Back in Hanoi

After another night's sleep on a pretty hard 'soft sleeper' berth in the train from Sapa, I arrived in Hanoi early morning.

The weather was great, sunny and warm but not too humid so bearable for walking around. I did plenty of this mostly to enjoy the atmosphere of the city so my photography was taking a back-seat.

I did go to the Military Museum though and went through the exhibition mostly thinking about the song 'WAR'.
Looking at all the now useless metal of planes shot down or tanks captured you have to wonder what was this really good for other than waste a lot of money for producing scrap metal.
At least some of it makes for nice displays.

In the evening it was just chilling and then heading out for some karaoke and in to a club, the club stay was rather short as I am too old for the loud music. ;)

I was supposed to head on to Hue this evening but decided to stay another day in Hanoi or maybe head to Halong Bay after. There are lots of options so the question will be which on do I go for.
This is a question I will ponder in the morning so all I know now is that I will be in Hanoi tomorrow.


  1. I'm continuing to enjoy your adventure - the photos are just great! Wondering though when you think your GR review will be out and what you think of the recently released firmware update re: fixing the initial color issue and tendency to underexpose (I think??) Be well and journey on..... John

  2. Thanks for your comment John!

    The review is still a bit of a work in progress but the new firmware update finally adds the shutter button confirm option and it can now power the camera on into shooting mode from playback mode when pressing the shutter button, something that was like this in every GRD before.

    Not had issues with colour balance but the Muilt-pattern AWB has problems with hazy landscape scenes but this i easy fixed by using Auto or sunny WB. Also I would say the GR has a different way to render yellows and not reds.