Friday, 11 October 2013

Day 66 - Day out with Friends

Today, was spent with friends here. The morning was just chatting and having coffee before heading to a temple in the surrounding hills/mountains.

The temple visit was very nice as it appeared to be off the tourist paths and something a bit more hidden away.

After visiting the temple we went for lunch n then coffee, when it started raining so the afternoon was spent chilling in the coffee shop until the evening when the rain stopped.

The evening was mostly relaxing in another coffee shop and chatting with a group of English students.
So overall a very nice but quiet day.


  1. Hi Cristian; I'm really enjoying your travel adventures.
    There's a wonderful atmosphere in these overgrown temples. I think it helped a great deal that it was off the beaten path.

  2. Thanks for your comment Bjorn!

    I am glad you enjoy following my travels and like the pictures.