Saturday, 5 October 2013

Day 60 - Mai Chau and back to Hanoi

We planned for an early start but I think most of us got woken up much earlier by the rosters, dogs and other animals around. It is definitely a nicer way to wake up than sounds of scooters and other city noises.

Before breakfast we went for a walk around the village the homestay was and walked through the fields there and saw their hydraulic power station.

Once we had our brunch, with some more drinks (too early in the morning), we drove up to one of the mountains to see some more of the landscape and villages around the area.

We did stop at a chopstick factory where they made a lot of chopsticks out of bamboo before stopping at a small waterfall and a tea house.

We had to turn back once we reached an impassable road, at least with our car. The drive back to Hanoi was therefore quite a bit longer but was fun nonetheless.

The trip to Mai Chau was great, thanks to the people and Mai Chau is very nice. The drive was a bit too long so I would not recommend only one night stay there as it's too short and you will be spending more time in the care than seeing the place.

Once back in Hanoi, I had time for dinner and a quick shower before heading to the train station for my train to Hue. Hopefully this time round there won't be any flooding or too much rain there.

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