Friday, 25 October 2013

Day 80 - Day of Angkor

We got up really early to go and see the sunrise. Instead of going to see it at Angkor Wat as everyone else, I had an ingenious idea to see it from where everyone is going to see the sunset.
It turned out to be a good idea as there were hardly any people there and the view was very nice with Angkor Wat being visible although a bit small. The sunrise however was not all that great due to it being hazy as usual.

After the sunrise it's best to head to Angkor Wat as most tourists will leave it and you are pretty much on your own and can enjoy the temple. Angkor Wat is a must do and was one of the tings I had to see in my life, now I have seen it twice and am still impressed.

While Angkor Wat is fantastic, the nicest temple is Bayon in the Angkor Thom area, the faces are really cool and it's very nice trying to see all the different faces there.

Angkor Thom has quite a few nice temples and despite the heat it's worth wandering around and trying to explore them all.

The last temple for the day was Ta Prohm, this featured in one of the Tomb Raider movies and is very busy at all times with tourists taking pictures of the movie locations. You need a bit of patience and wait for the tour groups to go away so you have a brief window for yourself before the next group arrives.

Tomorrow, will be an equally early start but not because we want to see the sunrise again. Instead we will be heading to the Thai border to see the forbidden or disputed Preah Vihear temple.

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