Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Day 70 - The Storm Rages On

After having howling winds and rain all night, the day continued the same way but offered some respite in between when it was fairly calm.

I used these moments of calm to go out for some photography and have coffee and lunch with friends. The city was pretty much deserted but there were still quite a fair number of people out and about either enjoying coffee, repairing some of the damage or just going for a stroll as I suspect.

There was quite a bit of damage visible by driving around and the dam road was flooded again so it brought back memories from my first visit here in Hue.

The storm seems to have mostly passed this evening so I will most likely set out for a road trip to Hoi An with a friend tomorrow.
This assuming nothing else comes up, feeling like in the Hotel California song by the Eagles: "You can check out anytime you like but can never leave". Still, I really had a great time here in Hue so despite it being longer than anticipated it's been great fun.

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