Thursday, 17 October 2013

Day 72 - After the Storm in Hoi An

After the road trip yesterday, I woke up to some heavy rain in the morning but this quickly passed. The day remained a bit cloudy but it was still nice for a walk around the old part of Hoi An.

The clean up operations after the recent storm were in full swing everywhere, people tried to clean up the fallen branches, damaged signs and clean the streets from the mud.

After lunch we decided ti get back on the bike and check out the beach to see the sea and if there is any nice bar open for a coffee.

On the way to the beach and on the roads right next to the sea the signs of the storm were clearly to see with more damage to the buildings and trees visible.

Since I am not a beach person on a great day, much less on a cloudy day after a storm has passed through, I did not stay long at the beach so headed back to take more pictures around the old town.

In the evening people were selling candles to have float down the river in Hoi An but there was still too much debris floating in the river after the storm to make this an appealing option.

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