Friday, 4 October 2013

Day 59 - Getting to Mai Chau

We set out relatively early in the morning for the drive to Mai Chau to spend the night in a traditional homestay there.
Like some other big cities, it takes quite a long time to get out of Hanoi due to the traffic and no easy accessible motorways leading out.

While the drive to Mai Chau took quite a long time and was not always scenic, once you get to Mai Chau, the views and area is much nicer and worth the trip.

We had a nice picknick style lunch by the roadside before doing a bit of hiking through a small Hmong village and saw some locals make rice paper.

The evening was spent relaxing with some drinks and a dance performance.

After this we headed on to the homestay for more drinks and chatting, it was a very fun day although the drive was a bit long to get here from Hanoi and tomorrow afternoon we will already be heading back.

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