Sunday, 6 October 2013

Day 61 - Grey Skies over Hue

After arriving two hours late in Hue, the weather decided to play a joke on me and provided a quick but heavy shower to remind me how it was the first time I arrived in Hue.

Lucky the rain did not last but the grey skies did so I decided to just take a easy relaxed stroll along the Perfume River and then the Citadel and old city.

The first time I got to Hue two years ago it was pouring it the whole day and in there was flooding in some parts of the town. While this was not nice, it made for some dramatic and interesting pictures. You can see them here.

This time with just the grey skies it was not as exciting but much more pleasant to walk around and see the city as I could not do last time.

The riverside, flooded last time round, was also much more lively and full with students hanging out and singing songs.
The good news is that the weather should improve even more in the coming days and I have more time to spend and see the city properly this time. Hue is a very interesting city and has a nice character and more laid back vibe than some other places. It is very touristy in places though.


  1. thank you for taking me to places that i will never see for myself. this has been great!

  2. Thanks for your comment John!

    I hope you will see some of these places as it is definitely worthwhile.