Monday, 14 October 2013

Day 69 - Day of Nari

This morning I meant to leave for Hoi An on a 3 day motorbike tour with Mr. Tri, who I met a few days before. As I found out a few times during this trip, plans can change all the time.

After losing my Fonepad last night, I spend the morning trying to track it down without success so had to cancel my sim card and change a few passwords after wiping the device remotely.
All this took quite a while into the early afternoon so my planned 8:30 departure did not pan out.

Not only that but there was also storm Nari heading towards Hue and Da Nang with strong winds and rain already in the morning but getting stronger in the afternoon. This meat that it made no sense to leave on a motorbike riding through a storm so this 3 day trip got put on hold for now.

Instead the day was spent chilling with little photography done only in the evening on my way to get dinner and some drinks in a nearby bar.

The storm is supposed to continue throughout the day tomorrow. Should this be the case, I guess my stay in Hue will be for an extra day.

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