Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Day 63 - When It Pays Off to Stray from the Beaten Path

Waking up this morning, not only my cold was gone but also the sun was out, making for a great day.

I set off with the intention of going for a quick stroll around the market, the heading to the Citadel and ending at the Thien Mu Pagoda. It was still early in the day so this seemed like an easy task.

This was until I decided to stray from the path and check out some old derelict buildings near the river. While taking some pictures, two local kids showed me their full English knowledge of "Fuck You" after asking for money but I found it hilarious.

Walking further along the river in the opposite direction I should have been heading to follow what I set out doing, I bumped into Mr. Tri and his Easy Rider colleagues celebrating his birthday.
We started chatting and before I knew it, we were having beers and had a lot of fun so I forgot about my plan for the day and agreed to hang out with them a bit longer.

After some more celebrating, Mr. Tri took me to see some sights he liked around his neighbourhood and then dropped me off near the Citadel to take some pictures in the evening as it already gotten late.

I walked around Hue and along the river to take some more pictures and despite not having done what I actually set out to do, I had a great day which was a lot more interesting. Sometimes (actually always) it pays off to be open and jut go with the flow, you never now where it gets you but one thing is sure, you will learn something and experience even more.
Tomorrow is another day for sightseeing, should nothing else come in between.

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