Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Day 84 - Temples and Nightlife

We started the day by visiting the Sao Chingcha temple near the hotel and the Romaneeart park, which used to be a prison at some point judging by the remaining structures like guard towers and a cell block.

After this we walked to see one of the main temples, the Wat Pho temple near the Grand Palace. The temple is really big and very nice with a lot of different areas to explore and of course the famous Reclining Buddha.

After visiting Wat Pho we had some lunch and were about to go and visit the Grand Palace when we realized it was 15:27 and the last admission is at 15:30 so we decided to do this tomorrow instead and just wander around the area some more.

We took the boat again to go and explore the Silom area, one of the main nightlife and entertainment areas.

Aside from it being very touristy with inflated prices to match, it was again not as expected. You have bars, the night market, little Japan, gogo dancing, sex shows, massage places and streets for girls, guys and ladyboys. Still, it does not feel very seedy or crazy but more organised and 'clean'.
It's certainly very interesting to wander around and experience this as it's one of the sights and probably for some main reasons to come to Bangkok.

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