Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Day 85 - Grand Palace and more of Silom

The morning was all about seeing the Grand Palace so we got up earlier and headed there to take pictures. The light wss fantastic with some clouds in the sky providing great contrast.

The Grand Palace is very grand indeed with a lot of details to be found in the different temples and buildings. It is very impressive and very 'bling' with a lot of glass, gold and reflective surfaces.

Walking around you can easily spend a whole day in there if you take your time to see everything.

We only spend the morning and early afternoon there before heading back to Silom again for a walk during the day and then the evening to see how the area changes after it gets dark and the bars start opening.

Probably the most impressive part of Silom is the Japanese street with the very nice looking escort girls waiting in front of the places for the, strictly Japanese, clients. The night market is also nice to wander around and you can always free sample all the other establishments if you have nothing better to do.

For drinks we ended up of all places in an Irish pub since it has the cheapest pints.

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