Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Day 64 - The Citadel

After not quite doing what I set out to do, I decided to try and do it again today. This time round there were no distractions but on my way to the pagoda I decided to turn round and leave the pagoda for another day and instead spent more time exploring the Citadel.

The Citadel is very interesting and despite the high entry price well worth seeing, just be aware of massive rip off prices for drinks or anything else you might want to buy while inside. Get your water bottles, snacks or anything before going in and don't buy anything at the shops inside.

The citadel itself has been mostly destroyed during fighting with the French and Americans so inside you have a mix of ruins, some buildings that survived the wars and completely restored buildings.

It is strange walking in between all of these buildings but it still gives a good idea of what it must have looked like before it got destroyed. The restored buildings are in very good order and look great as you would expect.
You can also see the restoration efforts ongoing while walking around so in a few years time this might all look close to what it once was.

The are is quite big but if you only care for the main restored places you can go through quick although I recommend wandering off a bit to see what the war has doe to this place.

After visiting the citadel, I have met a friend here and we drove to see the pagoda so I made it there afterall.

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