Monday, 21 October 2013

Day 76 - People in Phnom Penh

After arriving in Phnom Penh yesterday evening, I have been chilling with Tom and had some nice whiskey he brought along from London.
The morning started with me trying to find a Surface charger but again without any luck, we then headed to see some of the sights and wander around the city.

While I have also taken pictures of the sights and buildings around, my main focus was on the people so this is why this post has only photos of people in Phnom Penh rather than the sights.

Phnom Penh is a very nice city and the people are all very friendly, it is well worth a visit and especially the area by the river and the palace is always full of people hanging out.

Without the GXR A12-M, I only had the GR but it works great as the only camera thanks to the wide lens, great image quality and easy operation.

It was great to have a full day in Phnom Penh and not have to rush like first time where I only had one evening. The city itself is very nice as are the people and there is quite a lot to see.

One fun thing is the building across the river you can see in some pictures, it looked exactly like this two years ago so not much progress seems to have happened since then on that side.

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