Thursday, 10 October 2013

Day 65 - Views from Around Hue

After making it go the Citadel and the pagoda, I did not really know what else to see in Hue but remembered a chat with a guy a few days ago and he mentioned a covered bridge similar to the one in Hoi An.

I made my way to the bridge and have been taking pictures around there in the morning, the landscape around Hue is quite nice and is probably even more interesting when the rice fields are green.

It is certainly worth going a bit outside and seeing the landscape and villages around if you have the time.

In the evening I went to the outskirts of Hue where they have a nice statue of a war hero in between the hills that are filled with gravestones. This is a very interesting sight so worth a trip out again, you also get a very nice view over Hue from the hill right next to the statue.

The evening was spent having drinks and chatting with friends I have met here after having some typical local dishes.

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  1. Great ones again. I just drink in the landscapes and situations and don't think about camera's and and so. That is the ultimate goal. Just wonder about the pictures and be amazed. Well done Cristian.