Thursday, 3 October 2013

Day 58 - Hanging Out in Hanoi

The nice thing about returning to places you've been or just travelling to just 'see what you see' rather than a fixed schedule, is that you never feel bad about just chilling and spending time with people you've met. This extends even to not taking pictures but just having a good time hanging out with people.

Today's post could have also been titled 'The People You Meet' as everything in there also applies here. It's great to meet people and talk to people, locals as well as tourists.

So after visiting the Hanoi Citadel, I headed to the homestay and just chilled out, talked to people and tried to decide what my plan for tomorrow would be.

After a few drinks, it was decided to go to Mai Chau for two days in what felt like a road trip with everyone from the homestay, owners and guests included, joining the trip. This promised to be great fun so Hue had to wait and Halong Bay might be skipped altogether this time round.

I know, I have not responded to your comments but will try to do this as soon as I manage to find some time in between trying to catch up with my blog updates.


  1. Love the second shot. Now that is just where I would build a railway line!

  2. I was thinking the same! I've never seen a railway so close to where people live before. Mind you, when it comes to selling a property, 'short walk to train station' is always a plus.

    I'm really enjoying your photos and text. Wishing you a safe onward journey.

  3. Thanks for your comments!

    I am glad you both like the 2nd picture, this is quite funny with the railway line but not uncommon in these parts of the world. I have always wondered what came first, the houses or railway line. ;)