Sunday, 2 March 2014

Day 208 - Chiang Rai and the Black House

The morning was spent walking around Chiang Rai and visiting some of the temples in the area. While walking past the clock tower I happened upon a parade or similar so stayed to take some photos.

The temples in Chiang Rai are all very nice but in a way also quite similar and by now I have seen quite a few temples in Thailand.

Still, I quite like Chiang Rai as it's a bit quieter and less touristy than Chiang Mai so it makes for a nicer walk around.

I really liked the White Temple and when I heard of the Black House, I had to go and see it for myself, again opting for later in the day to get the sunset but also less visitors in the afternoon.

I almost arrived too late since they close a bit earlier but still managed to see everything that was open and it was again worth the trip.

As the name suggests everything is dark and black, with animal bones and skins used for decorations in a quite impressive way. While it's called the Black House, it's actually one main house but also lots of smaller houses dotted around the gardens.

Some houses are similar in style and built with dark wood but some stand out by being very different and looking quite futuristic.

While the White Temple could have come out of a Tim Burton movie, so could this although some of the houses could fit well in Game of thrones, while others would not look out of place in a Sci-Fi movie.

Overall it's a pretty cool place and very interesting for a visit, together with the White Temple this was the highlight of my Chiang Rai visit.

Tomorrow, I'll be heading back to Chiang Mai.

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