Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Day 224 - A Day on the Lake

I got picked up in the morning with a few other people from the hotel to go on the boat trip on Inle Lake. While I am not always keen on a tour with other people, you always pay the boat for the day and it's the same price irrespective of people so $15 divided by 5 people is just a lot cheaper than by myself.

The first stop as soon as you get on the lake are two boats with 'fishermen' posing for photos and asking for money so this can be ignored as it looks fake.

The next stop is a jewelry manufacturer and shop next to the 'floating' market. I ignored the shop but was curious why the 'floating' market was not really floating but on land so I got told the market is only on water during the rainy season.
Still, I enjoyed the market quite a lot and took lots of photos around. Afterall a market is always interesting, floating or not.

After deciding we didn't want to go to shops unless it was decided by us which shops we go and that we definitely didn't want to have lunch in a tourist restaurant, it was decided to head to the Indein Temple next.
The temples and views from there were great and we also got invited by the monk there for tea so it was great. It is certainly worth a visit and I can imagine if you can make it here before sunset it would be even better.

The next stops after lunch were the silk shop, to see how they make thread out of lotus flowers, and right after the cigar shop, I mean who doesn't like to try sweet cigars and cigars without tobacco.

The last stop before heading back and seeing the sunset from the lake were the floating gardens where they grow tomatoes and other vegetables on the lake.

Tomorrow will be another early start for a long 24h train journey back to Yangon.


  1. Good to see you back posting photographs again, Cristi. My late evenings have been quite dull without my South East Asia fix. :-)

  2. Thanks for your comment Calvin!

    It's not easy to catch up on stuff once I'm behind but hope to get there soon and be able to post daily from then on.