Friday, 14 March 2014

Day 220 - Where are the updates?

Some of you might have wondered (or not) why I have not updated my blog in over 2 weeks.

Well, the first reason was that the stupid Surface Pro charger just stopped working while I was on my bike trip north of Chiang Mai, this meant I could not use my Surface for over a week till I returned to Bangkok and could get another charger.

This meant I had to sort, process and select over a weeks worth of photos just to catch up and there were more an more photos coming each day to this. It also meant I could not write the posts either so I have quite a lot to catch up.

Now I am in Maynmar and while it's a fantastic country with very friendly people, it has the wolds slowest and most unreliable internet so while I caught up with some posts, I can't actually upload the photos because it's so slow and times out all the time or disconnects.

Hopefully I will manage to catch up soon, in the meantime you can get a small teaser in my Eye-Fi Flickr stream.


  1. Hi Cristian.

    I remember when you set out you told us what a good solution the Surface was - pity about the charger(s)!!

    I notice on your Flickr stream you have some file names starting with "R", does this mean you got your GR back at last?

  2. Hey Cristian,

    I like the sunset photo at the top of "Day 206".
    I also like how you include shots of your scooter in many of your photos...really makes me feel like you're going places.

    How are you finding the NEX 3?

    Hope all is going well.


  3. Thanks for your comments!

    Peter, the Surface is still the best computer one can buy right now for travel or otherwise, especially for photography but the charger is a PITA. On the other hand, one does not necessarily expect it to be stolen or break after just a few weeks of use.
    I was at some point considering to just buy a small Windows 8 tablet, maybe an Acer W4 or similar as they are almost cheaper than a charger and should a decent job.

    I did indeed get my GR back while being in Bangkok so now have 2 cameras to use, although the GR is the main camera and gets most use.

    Thanks Kesh, I always like to include my bike or even the train or bus to show how I get to places. glad it makes you feel more like being part of it.

    The NEX-3N is a very nice and capable camera held back by a pretty poor firmware, the Auto ISO implementation is very bad (but seems the same in all Sony cameras and is holding me back from considering any other Sony) and the extremely bad manual focus and lack of a Snap AF is very annoying for some work (like taking photos out of the train for example), the AF is also more miss than hit and quite slow.

    Still, the GR is back so the Sony gets used now for shots requiring a longer reach and as a backup.

  4. Hey Cristian,

    I don't know if you've been following gear news since you've been out there but there's now a Sony A6000 which is supposed to have DSLR-like autofocus.

    Also...when are you back again?
    Will you make it back in time for Photokina? :-)

  5. Thanks Kesh!

    I did see the announcement and was thinking of the NEX-6 (of now a6000) or the NEX-5N but both were too expensive so I went for the cheapest option. Guess I can't complain as you get what you pay for.

    Not quite sure when I'm back but should be back for Photokina.

  6. You should have bought a proper Tablet :D - Anthony

  7. Hehe, thanks for the tip Anthony but not sure there are many proper tablets out there to do a good job for travelling. :)