Saturday, 15 March 2014

Day 221 - The Train to Mandalay

Having a train station further away from the town than the airport is certainly one of the more 'unique' aspects of Bagan so it meant an early start to get there on time for the 7:30 train to Mandalay.

People at the station and in the train were quite excited to have a foreigner take this train as most just take the bus to Inle Lake or the boat or fly. As always it was a nice experience and nice to be around locals travelling.

Despite it being a short distance, the train takes forever to get to Mandalay but you can easily see why. The tracks are even worse than in England, at times it's so bumpy and shaky that you expect the train to fall on it's side or jump out of the tracks.

The views are not as nice here as on some other routes or the boat but you still get to see enough of the landscape and villages you pass through.

Despite the train being slow and bumpy, it's very relaxing to take it and just sit by the open window and watch the villages and landscape go by.

The train arrived in Mandalay just after lunch and at first I planned to go around take some more photos but decided to just take it easy instead. The evening was spent celebrating a friend's birthday.

Tomorrow late afternoon/evening, I will either take the train or bus to Inle Lake.

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