Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Day 217 - Arriving in Mandalay

A very bumpy night later, I woke up while the train was still over an hour from Mandalay. This gave me enough time to just relax by the open window and watch the scenery go by.

The people I saw from the train were all very friendly, smiling and waving as the train passed by or when the train stopped.
There were also kids collecting empty bottles from the train passengers and also sweets if you had to give them. This was quite cool.

The train arrived a bit late but it was not a big delay and I was in no rush at all. Almost wish it would have taken longer as I really enjoyed looking out of the window and taking photos.

After checking in to the hotel and taking a shower, I set out to explore the city and the nearby market looked like a great place to start.

Markets are the places people go to so if you want to see people and busy life in the city, especially here the market and area around was very busy with lots of people, motorbikes and cars around.

After the market and a quick coffee break, I went to visit the palace. This turned out to be a very long walk because although there are several entrances, tourists are only allowed to enter through the east entrance so it's the one furthest away from the center.

The palace was quite interesting although most buildings are empty and there is not really all that much of historical value to see most buildings are newly built) but if you go up the tower inside you at least get a nice view over the city.

Tomorrow, I'll head on to Bagan by boat.

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