Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Day 225 - A Day in the Train

Had to get up early to take the taxi to the train station in Shwenyaung for the 8:00 train to Thazi for the first leg of my journey to Yangon.

Despite the distance not being that far, as usual here the train takes almost all day to get there. Still, the views, especially in the first half of the journey, are fantastic and it is definitely worth taking the train.

It is fun how people buy all kinds of stuff when the train stops at the different stations, from flowers to flower pots and of course the usual food and drinks.

Another very interesting aspect is how the train manages to go down the mountain by going forward and then reversing on to another track that goes slightly lower and so on for a few times. It is very interesting and at first I thought the train is turning back or some reason.

Still, the journey was fantastic although quite long and once in Thazi it was time to get the tickets for the night train to Yangon, unfortunately only seats were available but I guess better than standing.

I have said something similar before but you just have to take the train at least once in Myanmar to experience the country and people fully.

There is something special about seeing kids and adults waving at you when the train passes by, the restaurant attendants in the train recognizing you again and having a drink once they finish their shift or an old lady smiling and handing you a napkin after you finished eating. This you will only experience in the train and it makes the journey and experience even more special.

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