Monday, 17 March 2014

Day 223 - Nyaung Shwe at Inle Lake

After a freezing cold night in the bus, I arrived in Nyaung Shwe just after 4:15 in the morning and found a hotel who let me check in right away without charging extra.

After breakfast, I set out to explore the town and see how far it was from Inle Lake, unfortunately it turned out to be around 10 km away from the lake. This meant I decided to just walk around and explore the area without going on the lake on my first day.

Walking around the town was quite nice and it looked like a quiet and laid back town, I also happened to come about a very nice old lady offering me (and other tourists judging from her guestbook) free tea and a nice conversation.

I saw a small road leading outside of the town towards the lake and decided to follow it and see where it leads.

The road led out of town to some of the small villages around and provided some nice view of the landscape around and the houses right by the river leading to Inle Lake.

While it was nice to walk around the town and villages today, tomorrow I'll join some people on a boat trip on the lake, afterall the lake is the main attraction here.

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