Friday, 7 March 2014

Day 213 - Another Day in Bangkok

After some back and forth, I finally had a new Surface charger in my hands. This meant I finished everything I wanted to do in Bangkok and it was time to figure out the route to Myanmar.

I spent the afternoon trying to look at possible routes to get into Myanmar by land, sea or air. Eventually I settled for two options.

Option 1 would mean taking the train to Kanchanburi, the bus from there to the border, a taxi across the border, another taxi from the border to Dawei, spend the night there and take a 24h train for the 200km to Yangon from there. Option 2 would simply entail taking the train to the airport and flying from there to Yangon.

Since I could not make up my mind I figured I sleep over it and decide when I get up in the morning which way to go.

On another note, while walking around Bangkok, I noticed that the nice street market and protest stages on Sukhumvit Road have disappeared and given way to busy traffic again. This is a shame as I did like the way it was all organised and the lack of traffic made walking around there so much nicer.

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