Thursday, 27 March 2014

Day 233 - History and Art in George Town

I started the day with a visit to the Camera Museum since it was right next to the guest house I stayed at, it was nice but it's very overpriced for what you get. There are not many old camera shops in most of Asia so I guess in this light it makes sense to have a camera museum but what you get here you get in most older camera shops in London for example.

Since I started visiting a museum, I continued and went to the Penang Museum since it's located in a cool building and it's a lot cheaper to visit. It was interesting as it focuses on all the different cultures and people living in Penang.

Once I was done in the museum it was time to go and explore the old part of town and especially find all the hidden street art and murals dotted about. There is a good map with all the locations but I think it's more fun to try and discover by yourself.

Of course, there is not only street art to see and explore but also some of the old clan houses can be explored although at a rather steep price for some, can't believe I complained about the prices in Myanmar when here you are really paying a lot to see things. At least it's more in balance with everything costing more.

Still, the most fun is certainly walking down the different streets and alleys and be on the lookout for street art or for packs of tourists gathered in front of the artworks.

I had a very nice time in George Town and like the mix between Chinese and Indian, traditional and arty sides of it. It means you never get bored just wandering around as you always get something different around the next corner.

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