Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Day 218 - From Dawn till Dusk on the Boat

Had an early start to catch the 6:30 ferry to Bagan but it meant I got to see the sunrise from the boat as well as the local fishermen heading out.

The views from the boat were great and it also provided me the opportunity to do some work on my photos and blog updates since there was not really that much to do.

The river is always difficult to navigate and boats are said to be stuck on the sandbanks at times, you can certainly see this and most of the bigger boats have people in the front checking the depth of the water in certain places while other places are 'single lane' only.

The boat did make some quick stops along the way to pick up some supplies and some locals, these stops always made for some nice photo opportunities.

While the boat was supposed to arrive in Bagan at 16:30, due to the low water level in the river the journey took quite a lot longer and we only arrived after sunset at 18:30. It was a very nice day on the boat overall so I didn't mind that it did take longer to arrive in Bagan.

Even before you arrive at the pier in Bagan, you can see a lot of temples along the coast so this makes for a great view.

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