Monday, 24 March 2014

Day 230 - Bangkok to Hua Hin

After spending the morning trying to catch up on my blog and photos, it was time to catch the afternoon train to Hua Hin.

The train journey was pleasant as always in Thailand but as usual the train was one hour late, this was not a problem as I was in no rush.

When deciding to stop off in Hue Hin, it was for two reasons, one to break up the journey from Bangkok to Butterworth but also to maybe chill by the seaside for a few days.

People who know me, will undoubtedly wonder why out of all places I would go to a place by the beach. This was specifically to give me enough time and catch up on my blog since there is nothing by the beach that would be of interest to me so it should give me enough time.

Well, the idea was a good one but after walking from the train station to find a guest house and seeing even more Westerners than in Chiang Mai and the place being full of German, Scandinavian and other European bars and restaurants, it didn't look like I made the right decision.

The evening I spent walking around town a bit and trying to decide my next move, if I would stay here or continue on to Malaysia tomorrow evening.

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