Sunday, 30 March 2014

Day 236 - Chilling in George Town

At first this was meant to be the last day in Penang, or more accurate I was supposed to leave yesterday evening with the night train to KL. But since the trains were all fully booked due to school holidays, I had to stay an extra day.

Not that staying an extra day was a big issue as I liked George Town but rather than walking around all day, I decided to take it easy and chill a bit, enjoy a coffee and grab a beer while watching the F1 race.

I ended up walking around quite a bit anyway but since I didn't want to repeat myself in terms of taking similar photos, I ended up taking less today.

Since the trains from Butterworth to KL are still fully booked for the next two days, I will leave tomorrow morning and stop in Ipoh for a few hours or the night and continue from there with the extra trains to KL.

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