Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Day 231 - One Day in Hua Hin

After getting up in the morning I figured I go for a walk to decide if I stay another day or leave in the evening.

While Hua Hin was nice enough, I didn't feel like it would be worth staying longer and there were just too many tourists.

So after walking around and enjoying my time at the beach, I went to the station to get my ticket for the night train to Butterworth.

While I had some more time in Huan Hin, there is not really that much to see or do other than go to the beach and since I am not a beach person, I went to get a beer and afterwards coffee and work on my photos.

As was to be expected the train was an hour late but it gave me time to take some more photos around the station.
Tomorrow early afternoon I should arrive in Butterworth to take the ferry across to Penang where I'll spend a few days in George Town.


  1. Very nice set of images...I love the top image with the motorbike billowing smoke....