Friday, 14 March 2014

Day 220 - More Temples in Bagan

After walking around to most places yesterday, I decided to rent a bicycle today. Being cheap, I took one without gears so it was not quite as easy or comfortable to get along the dusty roads and I missed having a motorbike or at least better bicycle for this.

Still, having a bicycle meant I could go to some of the temples that were a bit further away to walk and go back to some of the temples I wanted to see again.

It's funny how you can go to lots of temples but as soon as you look around from above you realize that you have hardly seen anything from all the temples around you.

Initially I planned to go to a different temple for the sunset but after seeing clouds in the sky, I decided to save the trip and enjoy a cool beer instead.

The evening was spent having dinner with a nice lady I met at one of the temples selling lacquer ware, I gave her some of my old t-shirts for her son so she invited me for dinner. This was very nice and also very interesting as I like spending time with the locals and appreciate she invited me although I insisted to pay.

Tomorrow will be an early start to take the train back to Mandalay.

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