Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Day 325 - Jagalchi Fish Market

Last time in Busan, I really enjoyed my walk around the Jagalchi fish market so this time it was the first on my list.

Like last time, the market is great to wander around and take photos of the different fish on sale and the people selling and buying or just strolling around.

The fish market doesn't just sell fish, you can find places to eat, buy vegetables, fruits, shoes and other things.

Everything is very colorful, clean and tidy. There is so much different fish and seafood available to buy that some of it I would not even know how to eat.

Even the vegetables or fruit available offers a lot of choice and variety and it all looks good.

If you're in Busan, definitely come to the market and take some photos or just wander around for a few hours.

Coming to Busan was not really planned on this part of the trip but I am trying to take a container ship from here to South America or Canada. Failing to take a ship over, I will take a flight like everyone else.
Still, first it's a few days enjoying Busan and South Korea again.

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