Sunday, 27 July 2014

Day 337 - Another Day of Surfing

I met up again with friends to go surfing at Songjeong beach and make use of the nice sunny weather.

It being Sunday, the beach was packed and there were a ot of people swimming but also in the water on surfboards.

Unfortunately the waves didn't really cooperate very well today and it was mostly waiting for a wave to come by.

Still, it was fun and I managed to do a better job at standing on the board than last time.

Since my NEX and the Nokton lens both survived the last trip to the beach, I took it out again to take more photos and this time I went further in the water to get more close up pictures.

While it's no waterproof camera and the 40mm lens means you have to get closer it worked very well.

It was a great and fun day out again. For surfing it was a bit too crowded and the waves not big enough, still most people had fun and it was nice to just chat with some people while waiting for the next wave.

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