Saturday, 26 July 2014

Day 336 - Busan Cinema Center

After enjoying the movie at the Busan Cinema Center last night, I felt like it would be ab good idea to take some more photos of the architecture.

So I got back with the GR and 21mm lens to take some photos of the place and make use of the light and shadows during the day.

The architecture is pretty cool although it can feel a bit like a maze at times with the different sections and walkways connecting everything.

There were a lot of people and kids playing around and there was even some live music. This is cool and a pretty good use of the place outside of the times the Busan International Film Festival is on.

There are different cinemas inside to watch all the latest movies but if you wait till the evening you can see a free movie on the big outdoor screen.

It's a great venue and good for photography or to just chill out .

I ended up staying much longer than expected and caught a bit of a Japanese movie they were showing although I didn't understand much.

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