Thursday, 31 July 2014

Day 341 - Even more from Haeundae

Ok, you're probably not surprised to see more photos from Haeundae but it's where I have been hanging out in the past weeks although my time here is coming to an end.

I started off with my usual walk around and just took it easy. I did realise that I might have become a bit lazy and should have probably done more exploring around Busan and even in Haeundae.

Still, Haeundae is nice and it's been good to have some extra time here to hang out.

Walking around without the need to be anywhere or rush is quite nice as it gives me an insight into the life here.

Despite not being a beach person and not really thinking I would spend so much time at a beach, I do enjoy Haeundae and taking photos around.

That said, I have not been swimming or just sitting on the beach at all so far, the only times I was in the water was to go surfing.

The evening was spent enjoying some drinks and listening to some jazz at MONK, a nice jazz bar near the universities and Gwangali beach.

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