Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Day 333 - Between Steel and Glass

Today, I went to take some photos around the modern and new skyscrapers near Haeundae. I did take photos here before but wanted to use the 21mm lens this time for some architecture photos.

There are some cool buildings around and all have some squares and greenery in between them, in a way it looks a bit like Singapore or Hong Kong but still nice.

There were a lot of people out and the kids loved playing at the fountain in the middle of a square.

My plan was to focus mostly on architecture but I ended up also taking photos of people around.

The nice thing here is that you can wander around and take photos without people or security guards annoying you as they so often do in London.

While it's nice to see these modern buildings and all the steel and glass, it also feels quite cold and empty and lacks some character.

It was fun to set myself a task for the day and take some photos of the buildings here.

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