Friday, 4 July 2014

Day 314 - More from Manila

After yesterday, I wanted to give Manila another try and see if I just got the wrong first impression.

I set out again for a walk and took my time to chat with some people along the way in order to get to know the place better.

It was nicer when taking some time to chat with people, aside from the ones still trying to steal my wallet or asking for money.

Although it rained again in the evening I wanted to go for a walk again and take some photos of the night life and while interesting you do need to watch your stuff even more then so having a small camera is definitely better.

It was definitely better than yesterday and after getting used to things it didn't feel quite as bad anymore but I would still describe Manila as the most ugly city I have so far traveled through.

I still have to see the old part of the town in Intramuros as this is supposed to be nice and the better preserved part.

When going to get some dinner. I ended up in he local bar and party area so this was fun and interesting of seeing the kids drinking and playing beer pong.

Also walking past the same people in the poorer area around my hotel meant they got used to me and started to be more relaxed and say hi.

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