Monday, 28 July 2014

Day 338 - A Rather Quiet Day

It was a rather quiet day photographically speaking but busy day in terms of sorting my next travel plans out.

After this trip I can probably safely say that I am better than most travel agents at finding the best and cheapest travel options from anywhere to anywhere so if you plan to travel somewhere give me a shout as I can probably help. ;)

Often travelling on short notice is thought as expensive and it is at times more expensive than booking months in advance but if you are a bit flexible and know where to look and find the best prices you can get a very  good deal.

While I didn't get a fantastic deal and I also had to rearrange my itinerary, it was mostly due to my money slowly running out and needing to prioritize things.

Long story short, I booked myself a flight to Hawaii for next Monday. This means I am not going to South America (just yet) but will get the chance to see Hawaii for a few days before heading to Seattle or Oakland and see from there if I take a train across the US or still get a flight to Peru.

I have quite a few options from Hawaii onwards but going via Hawaii was what made most sense economically and I get to see the place, too.

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