Monday, 21 July 2014

Day 331 - More Hiking in Busan

I spent the morning walking around Haeundae by the beach but then decided to go hiking on Jangsan mountain.

This is what's so nice about Busan and Haeundae, you can start the morning by the beach, go hiking on the mountain in the afternoon and end the day with a beer in one of the many nice HOF bars or just get a beer and sit by the beach to drink it.

People in Korea are more shy and less likely to start a conversation or say hi than in other Asian countries but you're bound to meet and chat people when hiking.

I've had a nice chat with some people I met while hiking, this is always nice and makes it a very enjoyable experience.

The views when hiking are always great since you will get nice views over the city and the bay.

You might also hear shots being fired from the nearby army base shooting range or see the barbed wire with the no trespassing signs but it's actually pretty cool and something you don't get in many other places.

The traditional thing to do after hiking is having a drink of Makkoli afterwards and this is kind of what I have also done although a bit later in the evening.

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