Friday, 18 July 2014

Day 328 - Sea Clouds

It started off as as sunny day before the fog moved in but this created some really cool and dramatic scenes. Guess this is the nice thing about living by the beach, the weather keeps changing all the time.

There were still quite a few people at the beach swimming despite the fog so it was cool to walk around and take photos.

At first I just wanted to walk along the beach to grab a coffee but then ended up forgetting and taking photos for quite a while.

After I had enough photos, I decided to get my coffee, which was just in time before the rain started.

After the rain and my coffee, I headed back to the beach for a completely different but still very cool scene to take more photos.

It's interesting how everything changes with the weather and how it looks completely different in such a short time.

After some more rain the sun came out to change everything again and present a nice double rainbow over Haeundae beach before a nice sunset ended a very interesting day in terms of the weather at Haeundae beach.


  1. Hi Cristian,

    I live the North East Coast of England, and for the last few days we have had sea fog just like yours.

    I especially liked your picture of the man in the water with a buoyancy aid but wearing a trilby hat - I never saw that here!

  2. Thanks for your comment Peter!

    I guess living by the sea you get used to fog like this so it's probably not as exciting as for someone who doesn't see this very often.

    Once you go to the beaches in Asia you will see all kinds of things that you would not really see in Europe. :)

  3. Whoaa... I have never experience this kind of fog. Been living in the mountains most of my live so far, I've seen fog in the morning... but not at the beach. Quite interesting. The first photo is just killer. Great catch.