Sunday, 6 July 2014

Day 316 - Halfday in Cebu

After a first good impression last evening I was curious to see how Cebu would fare during the day. It felt a lot quieter and less crowded than Manila but also a lot more pleasant and less dirty.

At first I was debating if I should stay another day or take one of the afternoon ferries to Bohol so to be safe I took all my stuff with me while wandering around.

It being Sunday meant there were a lot of people around and especially once I got to the Basilica there it was packed with people.

I guess visiting the Basilica on a Sunday is not a good idea if you don't want crowds but I found it quite interesting.

One thing that always strikes me when visiting churches is that all the saints and other people in statues, paintings and other depictions are always sad, dead or a both.
It is so much nicer to go to a Buddhist temple and see happy faces all around or go to a Hindu temple and see elephants and other statues with multiple arms. I guess it may be better than a Muslim Mosque where you don't see any images at all.

Still, despite the depressing iconography in the Bsilica, at least the people around were happy and nice, even those living in poor conditions on the street and asking for money.

After wandering around, I decided that I have kind of seen everything and went to get a ticket for the afternoon ferry to Bohol where I will rent a motorbike and drive around the island for the next days.

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