Monday, 14 July 2014

Day 324 - Vigan to Laoag to Manila to Busan

I had an early start to the day to watch the final World Cup football game and then go for a quick walk around Vigan before taking the bus to Laoag.

There was really not much to do or see in Laoag although it did look like a nice city to maybe spend a day in. Still, I only had a few hours before catching my flight to Manila.

The sinking bell tower is probably the main attraction in the city so it was one of the first things I headed to.

It was easy and quick to get to Laoag airport but the connection in Manila was a bit tight so had to rush a bit from one terminal to the other, something that takes ages.

The flight from Manila to Busan was nice and arriving in Busan was a big change from the Philippines, as it would be from almost every country.

Busan is a stopover on my way to South America and I hope to maybe catch a container ship heading there from the port in Busan.


  1. My friend, do you know how much "pain" your travel diary and photos have brought to us sitting behind the computer in the office? When will this end? : D
    (Thank you for posting the photos. Very refreshing to view every one of them. Thanks for mentioning me to the Singaporean user yet we didn't manage to meet.)

  2. Thanks for your comment Nevin and sorry for the pain you're feeling!

    You might be pleased (or not so pleased) to hear that this all might end soon as I will need some more finances to continue to will probably have to do a sting in the office in front of a computer for a while before doing this again. :D

    Glad you like the photos and shame you didn't manage to meet up with Willy but I thought you are the best person to give some good insider tips about HK.