Saturday, 5 July 2014

Day 315 - Last Day in Manila

I guess a bit of sunshine, or just the fact that I got used to the place, can make a difference as Manila didn't seem quite as run down today.

It was probably also me going to the main touristy and historical part of Intramuros and this is cleaner and less run down than the rest.

Intramuros is well worth a visit and I think I should have done it before to get some balance between roaming around in the rest of the city.

The old buildings and churches are all well maintained and it feels a bit more like an old European town in some ways.

Unfortunately I didn't have that much time to explore Inmtramuros since I booked a flight later in the day to Cebu so head to get to the airport.

I decided to take public transport and a short walk to get to the airport since it's cheaper and also more fun than taking a taxi.

While at the airport and on my way there I was trying to decide if I want to get back to Manila and explore more of the city or if I rather avoid it. Even while on the plane I was not decided on this.

Landing in Cebu and spending the evening here was actually very nice and a big change from Manila so I was glad that people and everything here seems nicer.

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