Friday, 11 July 2014

Day 321 - To the Underground River

After getting my permit yesterday, I went to rent a motorbike for the drive to the Underground River about 75km from Puerto Princesa.

The drive up there is quite nice and well worth doing on your own rather than a tour as you can stoip when you like to take photos or just enjoy the scenery.

Once I got to the entrance and showed my permit, it all turned a bit messy with the boats, you have to pay quite a lot to take a boat to the beach near the cave and then take another boat through the actual cave. The 2nd boat is included in your ticket but the first one is not so you have to pay extra.

Still, after I found a, not very talkative, Australian couple and joined them to split the costs of the boat I made it to the cave and through the cave.

The cave is pretty cool despite it feeling very touristy, it is very big and going through it with a small boat and a torch light is nice. It's also very noisy inside due to all the sparrows and bats making quite a lot of noise.

On my way back, I took it easy since I had a lot of time to get back to Puerto Princesa and take the plane to Manila.

Once in Manila, I had to decide between staying or taking the night bus to Laoag. In the end, I decided to take the night bus instead of paying for a hotel and taking a flight tomorrow.

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