Friday, 25 July 2014

Day 335 - Gamcheon Culture Village

I planned to go to the Gamcheon Culture Village for a few days now but things always kind of came up so I kept pushing it back.

The village is on one of the many hills surrounding Busan so you have to walk up quite a bit (or take a bus) but get rewarded with great views while doing so.

Once you get to the culture village you quickly see that it's more of an artist village with a lot of different galleries and street art.

The views are very nice and it's fun to walk along the small alleys and take photos.

Everything is very colorful although you will find blue to be the most prevalent color and almost everything will have a splash of blue.

There are different art installations and photography viewpoints dotted about, you can even get a map and collect stamps at every one of the main sights.

Overall it was good fun and a nice trip to the village so if you're in Busan, I would recommend you come here for an afternoon to take some photos or just enjoy a stroll around the village.

The evening I spent at the Busan Cinema Center watching a free showing of The Goonies on their big outdoor screen. More about the Busan Cinema Center in another post but it's great to sit outside and enjoy a movie.

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