Thursday, 10 July 2014

Day 320 - Puerto Princesa

After almost missing my flight because I forgot to set my alarm, I made it to Puerto Princesa. Since I didn't plan anything, I decided to start with booking a hotel.

The nice thing is that the airport in Puerto Princesa is right in town so you walk outside and already have hotels, bars and restaurants just around there.

The main thing I wanted to see here was the underground river but since it requires a permit, I had to leave it for tomorrow and try to get the permit today.

So I set out to walk and explore the town a bit, going to visit the church there and also the seaside park, which looked a bit abandoned.

Puerto Princesa was quite nice to walk around in but not very exciting or happening place. People were nice though and I liked the tricycles all done up like cars.

It is quite a small place and even with me walking, I got around most places quite quick and could go to get my permit for the underground river in the afternoon.

After sorting out a motorbike to rent for tomorrow to get to the underground river, I took it easy in the evening and went to see how the local kids spend their time.

Tomorrow morning, I'll head to the underground river before heading to the airport back to Manila in the evening.


  1. I think those taxis are great -- a motobike masquerading as a car. :-)

    I am now off to Google Maps to find out exactly where you are.

    By the way, I am now in Beijing. I landed a 12-month contract with an English-language newspaper.

  2. Thanks for your comment Calvin!

    The taxis are indeed pretty cool and some even have TVs and a full stereo inside.

    I am very glad to hear you found something and not only that but also in Beijing! Have a great time there and I think you should look in Asia for something even after your contract finishes, it's just a nicer lifestyle here compared to the western world.