Thursday, 24 July 2014

Day 334 - Surfing

If you would have told me that I will end up not only at the beach but also surfing I would not have believed it but here I was, surfing again with my friend.

Unlike last time, I did want to take some photos so I decided to risk breaking my Sony NEX-3N and the Nokton lens by taking them to the beach.

Since I was in the water, I had to leave my camera on the beach wrapped in my t-shirt and hope there won't be too much sand getting to it.
Being in Korea, I didn't need to worry about anyone stealing it so the sand and water were the only real dangers to the camera.

Despite the camera getting a bit wet and some sand getting on it and the lens, it did a good job and allowed me to at least take some photos. Although, should I do this more often I would need a proper waterproof camera so maybe Ricoh can send me one of the WP cameras to test.

Taking photos turned out to be easier than standing properly on the board today. My balance was way off so I spent more time under water than on the board.
For my 2nd time surfing it was not too bad but not very good either.

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