Monday, 7 July 2014

Day 317 - Bohol: Chocolate Hills and Beach

It is good to have a motorbike available, even a small scooter means less hassle and more freedom in most of Asia.

Arriving in Bohol yesterday, the first thing was to get a coffee and then a bike before even worrying about the rest. It was good because I decided to stay on Panglao Island or the touristy island.

Today, I decided to go for a drive around to the Chocolate Hills since this is the main sight and also seemed like the best thing to do.

While driving around you can see the signs and aftermath of the earthquake of last October quite clear with a lot of the churches and some other houses being still damaged. The landscape however is great and especially once you go up in to the hills it gets very interesting.

The Chocolate Mountains are quite cool and the view is great from there over the landscape around. It's certainly worth going but best is to rent a motorbike so you can stop where you like and take your time.

On the way back, I decided to head for the Sunset Beach on Panglao Island to see the sunset.

While the beach was quite nice, the sunset was not very spectacular, most likely because it never is when I go to see it.

It was overall a nice day and I like having a motorbike to go around and see places, it is very convenient and beats a car because it can go places where cars can't and it's easier to just park somewhere.

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